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Shewill Mentorship 4 weeks

Shewill Mentorship 4 weeks


When I came up with the idea of this program, the vision that I had for it was to provide as much value as I possibly can to transform your life. To hand you all the tools and resources for you to completely reinvent yourself and truly live out your purpose. I can assure you if you follow my guidance and give 100% of your commitment, we will achieve great results.


Program details:

Below are all the tools & resources you will be provided with:

  • Scheduling customized to your lifestyle + goals. For this part of the program I’m going to get a little more personal with you. This is strictly to help out manage your time + hold you accountable. Theres somethings that you might’ve been putting off up until now or fearing to take the leap and my goal is to help you break through all of your limiting beliefs.


  • Meditation + journaling + podcasts + gratitude practice:

I’ll be sending you a list along with your Sunday schedule of everything I recommend for you to lean into for the upcoming week. I 100% believe that I have been able to manifest everything I desire because of my daily self development. I’m going to also recommend a few apps / journals that have made my life easier along the way.


  • Training + meal plan + relationship with health & fitness counseling:


You will be provided with a training schedule according to your lifestyle + goals with this mentoring program. If you follow me on social media, you know that I am a personal trainer / body builder who is extremely passionate about health & fitness. I would love to get you in the best shape of your life with this program, along with building the best relationship with yourself, working out, and food. In our weekly 1:1 / group call I will be going over different topics on how I have created such a healthy relationship with all of the above. 


  • Weekly 1:1 / Group calls / Group chat:


Every week I would like to set up a Monday and mid week group call to ensure that we are moving along with our goals as a collective. I 100% believe that we need community in this complicated / beautiful life. One of my favorite people in this world are the ones who are chasing the same vision as me.


On these group calls I would like to discuss different self development topics + engage in necessary conversations to help broaden our mindset & perspective. On Mondays I will be speaking by myself along with you guys, and on Wednesday I’ll have a guest speaker engaging in the conversation with us. They will also be dropping you resources from their own personal values & knowledge. I have so many amazing women in my life who can inspire you just as much as I can.


Once a week I would like to set up a 30-45 min 1:1 call to really dive deep into your goals with you and make sure that I’m holding you accountable along the way.


  • Educational platform: Platform that will provide you with insight from neuroscientist on how to rewire your brain and get educated on how the human brain and body works. I 100% believe that if we figure out why we do the things that we do, then we can approach life with wisdom and remove shame from our life to live a more happier / stress free life. 


Further details will be provided upon signing up, and all your program details will be given to you between 1-3 business days. Please note that I only accept 1 new girl a week to ensure that I am providing enough value and time to each and every one of you. The faster you fill out everything upon signing up, the faster I will get all your material sent over to you.

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